Olympia Kogyo Co.,Ltd.After nearly 40 years development ,Olympia Kogyo Co.,Ltd is taking the leading position in Japan¡¯s heat engine market as a burner producer. Now, Olympia is producing the better thermal energy converter with the burner as the kernel. In China¡¯s new age of environment protection and energy saving, Olympia will make its contribution.
¡¡¡¡ Olympia is a professional producer of burner with nearly 40 years experience in development and research. Its annual production reaches 50,000 sets, taking up 50% of the market.
1965: Olympia started the production of gun shaped burner in Tokyo.
1969: Olympia completed the series of heavy oil burner from small size to medium and large size.
1974: Olympia developed the gun shaped gas burner.
1974¡«1977: Olympia set up the machining production line, achieving the automatic production of the burning housing.
1984: Kyushu Olympia Kogyo Co.,Ltd was founded.
1986: Olympia developed the far infrared heater and the sauna equipments,flowmeter and healthy bathroom
1989: The second factory of Kyushu Olympia Kogyo was built.
1991: The third factory of Kyushu Olympia Kogyo was built.
1995: Shenzhen Olympia Industrial Co., Ltd was founded.
2000: Olympia started the production of outer gate barrel boiler of small and medium size.
2004: Established Shenzhen Olympia Industrial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch
2007: Established Dalian Office of Shenzhen Olympia Industrial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch

¡¡Shenzhen Olympia Industrial Co., Ltd, a subsidiary company of the Olympia Kogyo Co.,Ltd,Japan, responsible to the Japanese headquarter for the marketing in China and is preparing the Olympia¡¯s manufacturing base in China. With the help of the Japanese headquarter, we have trained a team of professional technicians. We can design different burners to satisfy the clients¡¯ requires.
¡¡¡¡Shenzhen Olympia Industrial Co., Ltd insists the best quality and service. We would like to work with you to devote to the environment protection and the human civilization for a beautiful homeland.
¡¡¡¡ Olympia burner is widely used in the heating field like industrial boiler, food drying, kitchen utensils, spray coating, steam, founding, oven and ironing etc.

Shenzhen Olympia Industry Co. Ltd is the only subsidary company of Olympia Kogyo Co.,Ltd Japan. Anyone else who uses the Olympia brand is not authorized by the Japanese head company.

Shenzhen Olympia has the following advantages:
¢Ù Long-term and stable cooperation: Compared with the agents of other brands, we can provide our clients with sufficient technological support and promise of good quality and service, and will introduce more new models.
¢Ú High-quality burner: Because of the excellent quality, Olympia burner are being used by famous companies like Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, IHI and Kawasaki Heavy Industry etc. In China, Olympia burners are also chosen by Yuan Da Air Conditioner, Li Jin Group, Liu Xi Company, Yi Feng Company, Zheng Hua Company and Guangzhou Electric Appliances.
¢Û Excellent Service: We provide the timely assist when our client starts to select the model. When the failure occurs, we provide complete guidance and after-sale service. We promise sufficient backup parts. Our service wins reputation among our customers.
¢Ü Reasonable Price: Our clients can always get the preferential offer

Japan Headquarter: Olympia Kogyo Co.,Ltd
web £ºwww.olympia-burner.co.jp
Address: 7-33-28, Fujumi-cho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo, Japan

China Headquarter: Shenzhen Olympia Industrial Co. Ltd
Address; Shenzhen Luohu District golden rice Road No. 1111 Chui Ling Yuan 2 unit 3F-A
Tel£º(+86)(0755)25515930 25515931 25515932
Shanghai Sub Company:
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